Community activities for James Cale


Military Service

Served honorably for eight (8) years in the United States Army Reserves, leading a section in my unit and obtaining the rank of Seargent (E-5).

Board and Committee Seats

Editorial Duties

  • Editor for the IEEE Power and Energy Technology Systems Journal.
  • Reviewer for numerous scholarly journals including IEEE Transactions on Energy Conversion, IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, and IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics, and Journal of Applied Energy.

Conference Organization

  • Led the 2019 Fort Collins International Symposium on Microgrids, held at CSU and Powerhouse Energy Campus in Aug, 2019. (Web Link). This event brought together over 140 microgrid experts from 24 different countries.
  • Responsible for leading the overall organization and planning of the event, organizing panels and selecting speakers, budgeting, and obtaining industrial and CSU sponsorships.


  • ENGR 570 – Dynamic Optimization for System Operation Under Uncertaintly, CSU (Fall `19)
  • ECE/ENGR 570 – Coupled Electromechanical Systems, CSU (Fall `17–`19)
  • ENGR 531 – Engineering Risk Analysis, CSU (Spring `17–`18)
  • ECE/ENGR 530 – Systems Engineering Processes and Analysis, CSU (Spring `16–`20)
  • ECE 311 – Electromechanal Motion Devices, Purdue University (Spring `05)
  • Short-course in electrical motors and drive systems, Fairfield Engineering, Lafayette, IN (Fall `04)

Graduate Students Supervised (Active)

  • Ph.D. Students (Primary Advisor): Jarrett Wendell, Rudy Pirani, Emmanuel Cao, Ricardo Castillo, Rasel Mahmud, Avpreet Othee, Michael Westerman, Raiford Smith, Claudio de Andrade Lima
  • Ph.D. Students (Committee Member): William Akin, Jerry Li, Tim Middleton, Julieta Giraldez, Dustin Birch, Tanveer Hussain, Steve Caldwell, Ayman Qaddumi, Michael Virnelson, Vanja Vlajnic.
  • Masters Students (Primary Advisor): Scott Baron, Nickolas Roberts, Gregory Jeffrey, Shannon Sirvaitis

Graduate Students Supervised (Graduated)

  • Ph.D. Students (Committee Member): James Lee, Alex Anderson, Brian Johnson (Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)
  • Masters Students (Primary Advisor): Miles Brim, Clayton Cruickshank, Margaret Cote, Anthony Oyatayo

Undergraduate Students Supervised

  • Garrett Ross (ECE), Shavauntay Dukes (ECE), Blake Edwards (CS), Jake Turner (ECE), Li-Quan Tan (ECE)

Professional Memberships